Thieving Brat Gets Her Anal Virginity Burgled

Adria Rae
37:12 | Views 640181

Starring the adorable Adria Rae; As annoying as teen girls can be. There's nothing worse than having to watch your back around a thieving one. Adria wants to go out but has no money and her parents won't let her borrow any. Instead of asking for it, she goes into Tony's room while he sleeps and steals some from his drawer. Sadly for her, he wakes up as she tries to make her escape. Startled, he asks why she's in his room, despite the fact that he knows exactly why. This is not the first time she's been stealing from him and he's fed up with her bullshit. He argues that he has no other choice but to tell on her. Adria sure as hell don't need a sermon from him. She wants to make it right and she'll do anything to avoid being yelled at. Tony knows exactly what he wants from her, he couldn't just let the opportunity to fuck a hot younger babe. He mentions overhearing one of her phone discussion with her friend where she mentions something about anal sex and how she wants to try it with her current boyfriend. Well, if she wants to keep her liberties she'll have to try it with him first. Might as well get something out of the whole ordeal. She steals from him, he'll take something from her too; her first anal experience. She agrees on the condition that if she doesn't like it, they'll stop. But once it goes in, Adria is the one screaming "Don't stop!". He will gladly lend her money in the future, hell, she can steal from him again as long as he can wrap his big dick around that sweet teen's ass.


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