Stepsis Shares The Bed and Her Ass

Jane Wilde
29:41 | Views 801564

Starring the adorable Jane Wilde; Going on a trip with your stepbrother is not an easy task, especially when you find him creepy. After a mess up from the hotel staff, they end up with a room with only one bed. Jane is not willing to share the bed with her stepbro so she runs into the bedroom leaving him with the couch. Tony can't take it, the couch is so uncomfortable he has to wake her up and ask to sleep on the bed again. Jane is tired and finally lets him sleep with her as long as he does not pull up the sheets. He wakes up from the sound of his stepsister moaning next to him. Pulling up the covers, he discovers she's fucking her ass with a buttplug in her sleep. Jane wakes up startled and reveals that she's been thinking about anal sex all day every day and even dreams about it but never had the chance to try it. She's constantly horny and only wants to get her ass fucked. Now's Tony's time to shine, as he invites her to try it with him. A bit creeped out and reluctant she finally agrees. Her desire to do anal takes over. He plays a bit with her buttplug until she starts gagging on her stepbrother's big dick. Nothing like a good blowjob before putting it up her cute little ass. This trip is going better and better by the minute as Jane's anal sex fantasy is being fulfilled by this big dick.


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