Special Anal Massage With Chloe Cherry

Chloe Cherry
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Starring the bewitching Chloe Cherry; One of the nicest things you can treat your aching body with is a nice, relaxing massage. Chloe's heard from one of her friends that Tony is the best at doing massages. She also heard that he has a "specialty" that no other masseur has in inventory. Chloe's not looking for some relaxing time, she's looking for some rough, hardcore anal sex. That's just the way she likes it. After the massage starts, she asks Tony for the special treatment, which, in reply asks if she's really ready for it. Her face says it all, she's biting and licking her lips as she looks down on his crotch. The only thing that she wants anal sex right there and right now. Good thing he came prepared. He pulls out some tape from his bag of goodies and ties her up real good. This anal-crazy babe's not going to move one muscle. He rubs her pussy and fingers her ass, then lifts her and puts her down on her knees to suck on his fat dick. The look on her face as she's gagging and drooling all over the floor from the thrusting of his cock down her throat is just stunning. After she ate her entrée of fat cock, it's time for the main course; a hard anal pounding. He makes sure that she won't be walking straight for a week by pounding the living fuck out of her, grabbing her by the throat as her eyes roll back in her head. After destroying that round ass, he gives her a nice gooey dessert before leaving. If she were to rate her experience she'd give it an 11/10, would call him again. That's the She Does Anal treatment.


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