Sheena Ryder Anal Rides The New Tenant

Sheena Ryder
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Starring Sheena Ryder; Sheena made a promise to her friends that she wouldn't pursue older, single dads. But now that she has seen her apartment's new tenant she can't help herself. If she's going to break her one rule, she might as well go all the way. She invites him over for dinner and asks him to come early so they can have a glass of wine and a chat. Little did he know that this was a booty call, literally. Sheena's sexual aura is making our man next door shier than a schoolgirl but he's back on track, single and ready to mingle. Their conversation comes to a close when they start kissing and she undresses immediately, showing her bulbous ass in her tight, sexy lingerie. She sits on his face, showing him that the only dinner he'll be having tonight is pussy. He slithers his serpent down her pussy but all she wants is anal sex. As soon as he puts in big dick down her ass, her face turns from enjoyment to surprise. His dick is bigger than she anticipated and he slams that ass like there's no tomorrow until he cums all over her. Now that her one rule is broken and her ass is destroyed, she's sure to be inviting him over for more of that amazing anal sex.


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