Petite teen Lexi Lore gets her first Anal Fuck with dad's best friend.

Lexi Lore
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Lexi and her dad are spending time with her dad’s friend, Mr. Anthony. While Lexi's dad is out, she’s hanging with Mr. Anthony and seems to really want to get chatty about his divorce and sex life or lack thereof. Lexi is getting super flirty and keeps turning the topic back to sex. For example, when was the last time he fucked or got his dick sucked. Mr. Anthony cannot take it anymore. Lexi is an incredibly hot tiny blonde of 20 years of age. She has perfect perky tits, killer eyes and a smile with a mouth with braces that makes her look even younger. She is a real little brat who’s hungry for Mr. Anthony’s hard cock, so she flashes her tits with pierced nipples and makes him squeeze them hard.Mr. Anthony is clearly trying to refuse all sexual advances but this little brat still has a trick up her sleeve. She asks to use the washroom and after a while, Mr. Anthony decides to go check out why she’s taking so long. The bathroom is empty and there’s no sign of Lexi. He decides to check his bedroom and finds her there, butt naked on his bed fingering her ass. At first, Mr. Anthony still refuses but once he has his hands on her tight little pussy there’s no turning back. She wants her first anal fuck, and she will get it.She starts sucking on his rock hard dick, it's BIG for her mouth but she can handle it. HOw hot does this teen look POV with a huge cock in herr mouth. The braces on her teeth are making rm. Anthony real horny. From sucking she goes straight to getting fucked in the ass. Mr Anthony knows it's her first Anal sex and is looking forward to fuck that tight little asshole. After stretching that ass by pounding her for a long time Lexi decides to finish him in her mouth. She is the type to swallow and his huge cock delivered quite the load. Now that the deed is done hopefully she can keep her mouth shut and not tell her dad.


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