Mandy Muse Gives Her Ass Up To Her Best Friend's Dad

Mandy Muse
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Mandy Muse's can't get enough of She Does Anal and she's back again with a brand new anal scene! Mandy Muse has a whole day planned with her best friend Rachel but her phone broke and she can't contact her so she decides to go to her house. When she gets there, she's greeted by her dad who is a strong, handsome man. Rachel is already gone, but her dad asks Mandy to stay and have some lunch with him while they wait. Curious as ever, Mandy asks him about his divorce and he confesses that they had problems because of sex. His wife would barely touch his dick. Mandy feels sorry for him and sees an opportunity. She starts flirting with him, telling him she'll give him a good blowjob. Fuck it, he won't let his chance get away. After all, it's not every day that a young, beautiful woman wants to give him a blowjob. After getting his dick pumped, they go in the bedroom where she lies on her back spreading up those long legs as he thrusts his big dick down her pussy. She then asks him to put it up her ass. Mandy is a real anal freak and she's always down to take it up the ass. Hopefully, Rachel doesn't come back to find her best friend having anal sex with her dad.


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